Wedding Branding

Weddings involve a large number of details, and consequently a host of suppliers - each one with countless customization options. Just imagine the challenge of making them all match, while still having the wedding of your dreams with your unique personality! Our job is to narrow down all those options and make the uncertainties disappear, reducing the number of decisions you have to make. In other words, you'll have an exclusive, fully customized wedding with a visual and emotional identity, tailor-made for you. Your wedding will reflect your unique personality and love story.

You’ll be able to find the most suitable vendors for expressing your distinct style. Working together to ensure the details are spelled out, you'll be confident in every vendor meeting, and when placing product or service orders. You'll have your entire wedding planned long before reaching the execution phase, saving you time, energy and resources. Make planning your special day more enjoyable than you imagined and have an amazing wedding celebration. One that reflects who you are. One that your guests will be sure to remember for a long time.

Why Brand your wedding?

Each couple has its very own story, which in essence creates its own brand. Shared experiences, values, moments and passions shape how people relate to each other, how they live and dream, thus building an exclusive brand from this history.

A wedding is the best opportunity to make your brand come alive and be identifiable to your guests, since it represents a very special day in the lives of the bride and groom. We believe that your story is best told through a clearly established brand, conveyed in all items and details of your special day. Together, we creatively develop your brand and you can expect a personalized, memorable and striking event - one that you and your guests will enjoy from beginning to end, and long after.


  • Samantha e Leonardo Wedding I had a wonderful experience with the Brand & Up. They managed well to capture the essence of what I expected for my marriage, composing a beautiful and full of personality identity. I was really pleased with the work, which in addition to beautiful, from the beginning was very gentle and concerned about our aspirations.
  • Luiza & Guilherme Wedding The process with Brand & Up was one of the most amazing experiences we've shared in our lives. We didn’t know it was possible to create a brand that was so unique and so much like us. We keep getting praise from people who attended our wedding. They comment on our identity being present in each and every detail - from the colors chosen to the visual identity of the entire event, and so different from any other they had seen. We noticed that the wedding was not just a celebration, but a broadcast of the symbology of us and our union. It was unbelievable! Fantastic! We thank Brand & Up for having expressed the best that there is within us.
  • Rosália e Thiago Wedding We know the Brand & Up through the 'Small business, big business'. It was love at first sight. Because we want a different wedding, Brand & Up seemed to be everything we needed. 'We risk' investment and we are super happy with the result. The project was praised by all who had access and I'm sure that our day will be more beautiful with the work that empenhadíssima company set out to do. Everyone treated me very well, in a friendly way, dedicated, patient and competent, especially Fernandoca, Jessica and Giovana. You deserve to 1000 stars.
  • Fabiana e André Wedding Amazing, the staff of Brand & Up made us feel super comfortable sharing our life stories and expectations for marriage. In addition, we save on several wedding items, and, of course, an art only ours, personalized and unique. I recommend 100%!

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