Important life celebrations like adult birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs, Sweet Sixteen balls, baptism, engagement (and so many others) call for an endless search for inspiration and ideas; visits to vendors; comparing costs and estimates; securing delivery dates; and more. In a nutshell, it’s a high-speed race until the big day arrives, and you won’t be confident that it'll come out as planned until it’s over. Brand & Up ensures that your celebration will exceed your wildest dreams because it will be as authentic and original as you want it to be.

We understand you and your expectations, capturing your essence and developing that unique-to-you "identity" or brand for all the items and details that represent you in your celebration - from the invitations to the sweets style. This personalized brand is easily conveyed to your suppliers, enabling you to work together without hassle or concern. You'll save time, energy, and resources by finding the perfect vendors who can effortless provide the Branding for your celebration. Most of all, you'll be assured that every detail will be imprinted with your unique identity, making your party truly impactful for your guests.

Why should your social event have Branding?

Your party should be as authentic and original as you are, reflecting your style, personality and life experiences. Those important details serve as inspiration for our staff, as we create a truly unforgettable event honoring you! Our team works to invoke feelings and provide memorable moments for your guests. Working with the same consistent message from conception to completion ensures lasting memories for all those who participate in your special event.


  • Carolina Oliveira ENGAGEMENT PARTY Now that we've found Brand & Up, we’ll never do another event without them. With the support we had from their staff, organizing our event was a breeze, and it came out very special and unique. From the first to the very last detail, everything was perfect, reflecting us. We had some super service from the entire team!
  • Thais Faria 50th BIRTHDAY "Extreme commitment and perfection in every small detail" are the unique features of Brand & Up and the events they create. Their services were a delightful surprise from the first moment I worked with them, and the final outcome far exceeded my expectations. The Brand & Up team turned my event into a dream of perfection and customization. It will never be forgotten by my guests.

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