Events for stakeholders, customers, or employees are recurrent in any company, from startups to worldwide conglomerates. Yet, making a celebration reach its objectives is not a job for amateurs - you only have a few hours to evoke the feelings your business wants in the targeted public. Brand & Up captures the values and expectations you have for the event. We'll draw a complete road map to successfully attain the goals set for it. All you’ll have to do is follow our concept.

Corporate Events Branding represents increasing a company’s intrinsic value - your brand - by means of offering an experience to the targeted public. An event with a clearly defined brand, based on a cogent and well-structured message draws attention. Once the connection between the public and the brand has become successful, the high value perceived in it by the market becomes intense and lasting.

Corporate Events Branding offers you the opportunity to raise and widen the awareness of your event and the corporate brand behind it through an impactful and unforgettable experience. Only a consistent and cleverly developed approach can cause a structured impact on feelings and perceptions.

Why should your corporate event have Branding?

According to several neuroscience studies, the most vivid and longest lasting memories tend to be from emotionally touching events, which are remembered more often, and with increased clarity. Corporate Events Branding is an initiative that lasts over the long haul, however it requires short-range action.

Corporate Events Branding creates messages subconsciously decoded to reach the deepest layers of feelings, by means of colors, textures, songs, objects, and odors, among other stimuli. Branding uses all senses and perception opportunities to make your message reach its destination noise-free.

Integrating a brand into events raises awareness, recognition, engagement, and an exclusive position in the mind of all involved, by increasing their affective bond with the experience. In order to ensure that all attendees walk out with a positive impact, Branding is mapped to achieve assertive interventions based on your brand’s identity and your goals. This lets you optimize resources and leverage results.

"Feelings continuously modulate the way data and events are stored in our memory."
— António Damásio


  • Fernanda Bicudo CORPORATE EVENT I made the opening event of my Historic farm with girls Brand & Up and it was wonderful! A super organized process that goes deep bringing the identity of my space. Super indicate !!! And for the wedding too, the party is more with the person's face, personalized. It was what I felt with my project.
  • Marco Ferragina CORPORATE EVENT Branding our corporate event caused such a positive and strong impact on our partners and clients. We received massive feedback praising each and every detail, from the web site to the drinks, music, and decoration. From this, we realized many benefits, which have been reflected in our business performance every month since. It's difficult to fully convey the excellence, relevance, and quality of the outstanding job done by Brand & Up. I strongly recommend their services to all my contacts.

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