Brand & Up is a young, joyful, transparent and connected company. But there's another side to us - we're equally interactive, innovative, and technical. Our determination to fully utilize technology's potential helps us provide our clients with full control, from our first contact and interaction through our final deliverable. It's evident in everything we do.

Our goal is to elevate the Events Planning market, introducing an entirely new level of excellence. We adopt some basic principles to do it: To start with, our clients are first and foremost, and so we serve them on their terms. And, our fees are fixed. Next, our clients can view and manage the services we offer them, step by step, any time, on our digital platform. How so? We've invested in technology that enables our clients to manage the timeline of every project, the completion of every detail within a project, and the full commitment of our team, who loves what they do.

Innovation We excel in applying state-of-the-art technique, science and technology to perform outstanding projects for our clients, thereby ensuring the excellence, uniqueness and commitment in transforming celebrations into very special events.
Excellence Attention to detail captures and expresses our clients’ profile, dreams, and goals in exclusive items and details for the event.
Exclusivity Creating exceptional events through consistency and customization in every detail.
Commitment To developing and designing projects to each client’s specific requirements, promoting better planning and organization in every event.

Event Branding creates a detailed road map for any type of event. Our technology enables us to determine which colors, textures and styles should be present to reveal and position the celebration's own personality as the center of the event. From images to feelings, everything is distilled into a customized Branding Book, which includes items and details for the event, from stationery to special features.

We know that celebrations involve considerable investments(financial, emotional, logistical), and so they must not fail to convey the personality and authenticity of all details. This is why we are fully committed to excellence in capturing and translating the profile, the objectives, and the dreams our clients have. This translates into items and details that are exclusive to each event, creating special and memorable moments. And did we mention how easy it is to realize better planning and organization throughout the process?

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